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Seven Simple Steps of Mindful Eating

Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important and religious Hindu scripture. Bhagavad Gita says, “Every human being is born with innate faith, which can be of three kinds—Sāttvic (mode of goodness), Rājasic(mode of passion), or Tāmasic(mode of ignorance).” (Bhagavad Gita 17.2) And the quality of our faith is decided by the nature of our mind.

There are 3 categories of food mentioned in Bhagavad Gita.

Rajasic foods: are hot and spicy. They are irritants and stimulants. They make the mind more susceptible to temptations. Under this category are spicy foods, fried foods, coffee, tea, refined flours.

Tamasic foods – are heavy, dull, depressing. Under this category comes meat, alcohol, stale food, excess oil, onion and garlic. When you consume too much of Tamasic food, it causes dullness.

What is Satvik food?

A Sattvic foods, simply, means light and healthy food. It does not go to any extremes of taste – neither too sweet, nor too salty or spicy – just moderate. Plainly put, Sattvic food is that which purifies the body and calms the mind.

Under this category comes fresh fruits, vegetables, green leaves, nuts, grains, milk and certain spices. 

Why adopt a Sattvic diet?

The intake of Sattvic food helps improve mental health and energy, thereby improving the state of our consciousness. It helps restore the harmony and balance of our body and mind. Having a Sattvic diet on a regular basis can help in the formation and rebuilding of high-quality body tissues.

It is said that the good are drawn to the good and the bad to the bad. Those in tamo guṇa are drawn toward the evil. Those who are rājasic get drawn towards power, wealth, sensual enjoyment, revenge, and wrath. Those who are imbued with sattva guṇa become attracted to qualities of goodness.

The mind and body impact each other.  The food people eat influences their nature and vice versa.

we should be in constant check of what we eat as it has direct effect on our body and our mind.  To eat sāttvic food (as much as possible), not only aids healthy body and mind but is essential for spiritual health as well.

We always should upgrade ourselves from Tamasic to Satvik, that help uplift ourselves in terms of sadhanas.

Food becomes the body and Food becomes our mind.

Seven simple practices of mindful eating:

  1. Start with Prayer and Silence. 
  2. Maintain the same time of eating food if you can.
    Enjoy all your 6 senses. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and feeling.
  3. Use small utensils and serve moderately, Savor small bites and avoid heavy lunches and dinners.
  4. Chew foodthoroughly. Saliva contains many enzymes that start the digestion process. 
  5. Keep away all distractions, such as TV, phone and computer.
  6. Eat mostly plant based diet with as many colors as possible. Avoid junk food and stale food.
  7. End with gratitude. 

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