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Seasonal Allergies and Natural Remedies

Seasonal Allergies - Root causes

Seasonal allergies are awful, it can be debilitating to have constant postnasal drip, watery eye, tired feeling. 


How can we overcome these allergies for good. 


Elimination diet, staying away from dust and mold works, but they are not always easy to implement and the results are only temporary. Allergy medication don’t make you always feel better. Why? Because we are not correcting the root cause.


Detoxification – Why are we bothered about toxins. Reducing toxic burden reduces your odds of getting allergies. Toxins are ubiquitous, they are in food, air, water, in your couch, curtains. It appears like there is not that much you can do to avoid. But you can do few things to avoid, and not to let them get inside your body and to eliminate them once they get in. 

Detox protocols help you better clean your body. It picks up the left over debris

Certain food and environmental toxins are going to trigger allergies.


Don’t we have natural detox mechanism in our body? Yes, we do. Our detox pathways are supposed to clear the toxins as we fill. Nowadays we are filling it much quicker than our body’s capacity to drain. This is even worse when you have leaky gut. Leaky lining lets more toxins in. 


What is Toxin ‘BUCKET’ and How can we keep it light?

This toxin bucket is burdening your immune system. If your  bucket gets full, you react to multiple chemicals, you are more reactive to Electromagnetic fields (EMF), you are more reactive to allergies and all these things. Delayed allergies burden the immune system, slow down the body’s repair, and intensify the signs and symptoms of ill health. You will experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life when you detox your body.



Diet, exercise, stress reduction, emotional balance, supplements. The lighter the BUCHET the better you feel.

The best way to stop filling the BUCKET is by working on the gut.

Causes of Leaky gut:

Poor eating, rushed eating, 

Some foods we consume can create inflammation. What we think healthy for us could be the cause of your inflammation and leaky gut as a result. some examples of inflammation creating foods are gluten, dairy, and eggs are some common foods. Leaky gut is when these foods open up the tight junctions between the cells in the intestinal wall.  Antibiotics, birth control, tap water that contains chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals can do this as well. 


When the leakage happens the foods that are supposed to be absorbed through cells can’t go and the toxins that are supposed to be eliminated get in and create a cascade of reactions from inflammation to chronic disease such as autoimmune reactions. 


Look for Candida overgrowth also, this happens when you take antibiotics, consume lot of sugary foods. H pylori is another culprit, this does not allow you to produce normal amount of stomach acid. If you don’t have enough stomach acid lot of food is not digested and bacteria are not killed in stomach, so your oral bacteria make their way all the way down to intestines. Now you have more fermented and putrified food in the intestine, which creates leaky gut and inflammation. 


So if you hope to get rid of allergies which is inflammation based TH2 immune dominance response, you need to look at the root cause first.

We all carry genetic predisposition to immune shifts. Our genetics don’t dictate our destiny. So even if you have genetic predisposition if you work on epigenetic factors you can overcome the problem. We have to get to the root cause of what is exacerbating TH2 response. For many people it is gut based issue. 


Diagnostic Tests:

ORGANIC ACIDS: The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides information about the body’s biochemical balance by measuring metabolic byproducts in urine.


Understand vitamin and hormone metabolism

Determine capacity to generate energy

Evaluate intestinal wall integrity

Assess performance of the central nervous system Evaluate muscle function

Reveal excessive levels of gastrointestinal (GI) yeast Reveal excessive levels of GI bacteria

Detect nutritional or antioxidant deficiencies

Determine problems in fatty acid metabolism

Identify oxalate imbalances


Advanced stool test and make sure you don’t have infections, parasites, H pylori. In my experience when patients come with H pylori diagnosis from conventional doctors there is more to it below, things in gut have been wrong for sometime. Little clean up need to be done for bacteria and yeast. 

Food sensitivity – this test is a game changer, lot of us eat many so called healthy foods, yet they are causing more inflammation in our bodies. 

Environmental toxin testing

Micronutrients test to see how your vitamins and minerals are because leaky gut can deplete your nutrients. 



Cut down stress, easier said than done, we know. But this is essential for healing, it brings your stomach acid back and helps with your digestion and kills bacteria. You break down more calcium, magnesium, zinc and B12 which is needed for nervous system to better cope with stress. 

Eat well, Food – Inflammation tamers – Watercress, Broccoli sprouts, acai berry, pineapple, 

Lesses toxic exposure

Treat infections in gut, balance the gut microbiome

Lighten the total toxins in the body. 



Nature’s Natural antihistamines – Stinging nettles, Quercetin, Bromelain( enzyme works in tissue level), NAC, and Vitamin C.


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