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New Patient Intake

RootHealthMD is a functional medicine clinic


Our approach is different from conventional medicine. We look for Root Causes of illness, rather than treating isolated set of symptoms.

To schedule appointment with Dr. Saila, Please click on Patient portal link. If you are a new patient, please click on ‘New patient Registration’ and complete the form, sign and click ‘Sign me up’ at the bottom when you complete all the sections. Make sure you check the Consent and Privacy policy.

First You need to Register as New Patient. Once you register, you will be receiving welcome email asking you to click to ‘validate your account’. Then you will be able to create Portal account and be able to schedule your appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive confirmation email.

You First appointment - What to expect

  • Please submit all the required Questionnaires at least a week prior to your appointment. Please click on ‘Questionnaires’ on your portal home page and submit once completed.
  • Dr. Saila creates your comprehensive treatment plan starting a week before your appointment.
  • Your provider will perform a physical exam.
  • Discuss your treatment plan in depth. Our treatment is comprehensive.
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Pay deposit to secure your appointment

You may have already completed the steps while scheduling. The deposit is due the same day as scheduling. If you received an email invoice you can pay securely online by calling (508)239-0000. If you are mailing a check please contact us to let us know.

Be sure to read our financial policy. If your deposit is not received within 48 hours we cannot hold you an appointment. But we are happy to reschedule your appointment. We require two business day notice, if you cancel or reschedule your appointment.

A $25 fee applies to refund the deposits.

No fee applies for a rescheduled appointment with adequate notice.

Patient portal Registration Instructions

If you have any difficulty in registering or if you’re experiencing any technical issues contact Cerbo technical support at 1888 315-2642.

If you have already registered for the portal login here.

When patients receive an invite they can see/set their username or they can recover their username if they forgot:

If you’re not sure what your username is, please contact us.

Please complete your questionnaire no later than one week prior to your appointments

From the home screen on the Portal, click the ‘Questionnaires’, fully complete all sections of the questionnaire. If your questionnaires are not completed prior to your appointment we will need to reschedule.

If you complete your questionnaires early, we may be able to provide you the earlier appointments if they become available.

If you have scheduled a free discovery call, do not fill out the questionnaires until after your free consultation.

Sign consent forms

Click on the ‘Forms to sign’ tab and sign.

New Patient consent form

If your appointment is by phone or video, Please complete Telemedicine consent form.

For patients with Medicare or Medicaid: Medicare/Medicaid ABN form.

Send Medical Records:

If you’re not sure what records to send, we recommend sending any records that you feel are related to the reasons you’re coming in for. The most important records would be the ones within the past two years. Records are due one week prior to your new patient appointment date, so we have enough time to review the records.

If you need to request records from another provider, you may call their office and request the medical records directly. They can fax us the medical records at 508 452-0097, or you can fill out Authorization and Release form on portal and send it to your provider.

Please keep in mind that on average it takes about 30 days for the other providers to send us your medical records.

Once we receive your medical records, they will be posted on the portal.

Thank you for completing intake process. We look forward to your appointment.