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Natural Mosquito and Tick repellent: Cistus Tea

Cistus Incanus or Rock Rose is native to Mediterranean region, evergreen dwarf shrub. These flowers have five petals and bloom for only one day. This plat has the highest polyphenol compounds of any plant in Europe. Studies have shown that Cistus Incus has antifungal activity again microorganisms like Candida albicans, C Krusei, C Glabrata, and Aspergillus Fumigatus.

Health Benefits:
Cistus is making waves in healthy tea circles for its benefits to deal with retroviruses (1) by inhibiting viral envelope protein.
Cistus leaf extract contains active phenolic compounds are Gallic acid, Rutin, Quercietin, Kaempferol, Myricetin. It may be ameliorated cold and flu symptoms in 2 days after drinking the first cup of this tea. (3)
It reduces the likelihood you regular tea drinkers would be bitten by mosquitos or ticks.

What is an optimal brew:
Optimal brew of Cistus Incus is to keep more phytochemicals in tea and avoid ‘Tea creaming’ creaming is precipitation that stays in the bottom of tea and not goes in solution, which means these important compounds like healthy phytochemicals like Ellagitannins, Quercitin, and gallic acid do not make it into your body. Flavonoids and other phenolic compounds degrade rapidly at a temperature above 100 degrees F. Amount of tea cream is a function of 1. The ratio of mineral to water, 2. pH of water 3. Temperature. In each type of tea different functions maximizes creaming. For black tea, pH matters the most, for the Cistus tea mineral content of water matters the most. So it is recommended to use water with fewer minerals or no minerals. For Cistus tea, the optimal temperature is 85° C, and the brewing time is 35 minutes.
This is why some people insist on brewing three times to capture its full benefits.

Here is my easy brewing method.
13 grams of tea in 1 liter of filtered water or 3.5 oz of tea to 8 oz of boiling water.
Water temperature controlled between 80-95°C for 35 minutes
To make it easier make tea in decoction brewing pots and use distilled water as it has no minerals.
How much to drink – 1-2 cups daily. For insect repellent effect you need to drink 2 cups daily at least for a week.

Where to buy:

Cistus incanus Tea (Rock Rose Tea)


Best Cistus Tea Brew Method (Cistus Incanus / Rose Rock Tea)

3 thoughts on “Natural Mosquito and Tick repellent: Cistus Tea”

  1. That’s a great share Dr Sailaja garu .My mother is having this kind of a problem infested by mosquito like bugs she uses squat bats to ward off and even drier for her clothes.
    It’s been a suffering past three years. She is diabetic on insulin pump.
    Blood sugar is monitored and in control.
    Hope this tea would help to overcome the problem which we can relate into.

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