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Dry skin brushing

We live in a toxic world. Does not matter how organic we are, we accumulate toxins in our bodies. It is good to incorporate natural detoxification in our daily routine. It is a detoxifying and immune-supporting ritual, recommended by Ayurveda. This technique involves brushing your body with a bristled tool. This is a way of manually stimulating circulation. I would highly recommend including this in your self-care routine. 

Uses: To stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. Your lymphatic system works alongside the circulatory system and removes toxins from the body. Dry brushing is also great for exfoliation and breaking down cellulite. Offers a moment of self-care. When to brush: Best time to dry brush is before your shower, so you can wash off dead skin cells that you will be lifting up. 

How to dry brush: Find the brush with the right bristle texture. Boar Bristle brush is recommended. Buy the one with a handle to make it easier to reach hard to reach places like back. Some like handheld brushes for better control. Use medium pressure strokes without irritating the skin. Always brush towards the center of the body. Start at your feet and move up towards your torso where the lymphatic flow reenters the circulation. You are basically following circulation. Repeat the same with arms starting on the back of your hands and work upwards. Pay extra attention to areas with more lymph nodes such as armpits and groin. You want to give more time to these areas. When you brush your neck, start from the jawline and move down towards the chest. 

Aftercare: Skip abrasive loofah or scrubs when taking a shower after brushing. Moisturize your skin right after taking a shower, to seal in water. 

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